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We are a Team focused on improving your health and wellness by providing the best physical care possible.

Our mission as your chiropractor at Chiropractic Associates Clinic is to be your first contact practitioner.  We possess and exercise the diagnostic skills to differentiate conditions that are amenable to chiropractic management from those conditions that require referral or co-management.

As your doctor of chiropractic we will provide conservative management of neuromusculoskeletal disorders including, but not limited to back, neck, head and extremity pain.

As your chiropractor we strive to be expert providers of spinal and other therapeutic manipulation,  adjustment and mobilization.  We may utilize a variety of supportive and complementary therapeutic modalities. We also provide patient evaluation and instructions regarding disease prevention and health promotion through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modification. The range of diagnostic and therapeutic services offered by chiropractic is dynamic and will be modified by education, research, technological change and society’s evolving health care needs.

Chiropractic diagnostic and therapeutic goals will be achieved as safely, quickly and economically as possible to promote patient health and independence.  Optimal patient care can be achieved when chiropractic is integrated within the health care system. Interdisciplinary collaboration is important for this purpose.  As such, we also provide physiotherapy and remedial massage therapy services within Chiropractic Associates Clinic.

The diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines adopted by Chiropractic Associates Clinic will strive to be evidence-based, and in the absence or ambiguity of scientific evidence we will rely on sound clinical judgment in place of hard data.

We, your chiropractors, offer accessible and appropriate care to all population groups.

Your Doctors of Chiropractic recognize the multi-faceted aspects of health, disease, etiology and related patient care.

Our History

Dr. LRW Hamilton (a second generation chiropractor) graduated from CMCC in 1950. Upon graduation he returned to Regina and practiced as a solo practitioner in the Sterling Building downtown Regina. Brian Donbrook came home to Regina after his first year of chiropractic studies, in 1962, at CMCC in Toronto. He paid Dr. Hamilton a visit at which time Dr. Hamilton offered Brian a place to work as a chiropractor upon his graduation. Dr. Brian returned to Regina in 1965 and showed up for work one Monday morning and Dr. LRW had forgotten the offer. Graciously he told Dr. Brian he could work out of his other treatment room.

As their practices grew they decided to purchase 1540 Albert St in 1980. Chiropractic Associates Clinic was born. Following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Dr. R.B. Hamilton graduated from CMCC in 1984. He jointed CAC at that time. As things were booming they acquired the building beside them in the late 80s. They had a number of associates come and go over the next 30 years. They set up a satellite clinic at 6342 Rochdale Blvd in 1994.

In 1995 Dr. Doug Donbrook joined his father, Dr. Brian Donbrook, Dr. L.R. W. Hamilton, Dr. R.B Hamilton and their other associates as an associate. After Drs. L.R.W. and R.B. Hamilton both retired from full time practice Dr. Brian decided to sell 1540 Albert St. amalgamate with the Rochdale Clinic and semi retire. In 2007 Dr. Doug purchased Chiropractic Associates Clinic.

At this time Chiropractic Associates Clinic was quickly outgrowing its 800 sq ft space. This lead Dr. Doug to purchase bare land at 1127 Lakewood Court N. in 2009. Doug hired Integrated Designs Inc., IDI, a building leader in sustainable development, owned by one of his windsurfing buddies. IDI provided all the building architectural drawings and commissioning. Doug and his Project Manager, Rob Sentis, interviewed a number of local Regina building contractors and hired Eric de Waal of Walnut Construction to build the building.

Doug wanted to construct a building using the most sustainable materials and building methods available. Using “a lean building philosophy”. Doug, Rob and Eric, all having the same philosophy set out to construct such a structure.

Finally, after much delay Chiropractic Associates Clinic moved from 6342 Rochdale Blvd to 1127 Lakewood Crt. N. The new facility is a beautiful 2500 sq ft. sustainable building. It houses 2 chiropractors and 2 massage therapists.